Pantomonium Productions is a nonprofit theater company whose mission is to put on one production each year, in an American interpretation of the British holiday pantomime tradition. Read our History of Panto if you want to know what that means! Our productions are super fun (with an official stamp of approval from our fans.) See our Testimonials to prove it!

Thousands of panto fans, young and old, have attended Pantomonium shows over the years, with more than 50% of our tickets donated to underserved children and families. All company members, whether professional artists or amateurs, participate on a volunteer basis. They do it out of commitment to our community, dedication to theater and love for our special fans!

A new show is produced each year, the plot of which is loosely based on a popular fairy tale. Not loose in the sense that we have Cinderella climbing a beanstalk, but loose enough that kids can let their active imaginations bring the tale to life, and of course, the plots are embellished with standard Panto "business." Again, see History of Panto.

Past productions include:

The company is committed to diversity, fairness and inclusiveness in all creative activities and administrative policies, but mostly we're committed to having fun!

Yes, we accept donations! Even big ones! We need your support, so if you're interested, please DONATE ONLINE, or mail your tax deductible donation to us HERE.

Pantomonium is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) company, supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council, by the Riverside Church Sharing Fund, the Disney Voluntears Community Fund, Schwab Charitable Fund and by generous individuals like you!

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HISTORY of pantomime

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