Tthank you for providing tickets to Robin Hood. Our Children and parents had a wonderful time... The play was so exciting, the children talked about it all the way back to Long Island."
— Rev. Dr. David R. (Pastor)

"It was outstanding... I really didn't know what to expect very well done! Kudos to the entire cast and team! We absolutely loved the lyrics and music."
— Marla (Parent)

"I laughed out loud and your tunes had me humming all night. What a joy to see so many kids enjoying live theatre, many I'm sure for the first time. The show was absolutely delightful – the set, the originality of the story, the music, the characters – everything!"
— Adrienne (Philanthropy Professional)

"Congrats on another really fun show. Once again my crowd of kids from 3 to 13 loved it, and so did the parents... Audience participation was terrific. The excitement throughout the audience was a joy. All the kids seemed to be loving it!"
—Susan (Parent)

"We liked the show so much that we want to come again today!"
— Matthew, (Parent)

"Hands-down the worst show I have ever loved."
— Oscar, (Theater Professional)